Engine 39 Finds a Home at Strasburg Rail Road

Strasburg Rail Road to restore and operate the LIRR G5s Locomotive


Another historic steam locomotive may be given a new lease on life at Strasburg Rail Road! The Railroad Museum of Long Island (RMLI) and Strasburg Rail Road are partnering to restore, operate and maintain the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) G5s Steam Locomotive #39.

After 33 years of failed or abandoned restoration efforts for Engine 39, both parties are excited to move forward with this monumental project. Before the work can start, the RMLI must raise $900,000.00 in 2013 and then transport the remaining portions of the locomotive to Strasburg Rail Road. The Rail Road has agreed to then fund the remaining amount to help complete the three-year restoration project.

The Strasburg Rail Road Mechanical Shop team will continue its role of preserving history, as Engine 39 is one of three existing G5s class locomotives. The locomotive was built at the Juniata Shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1929. Engine 39 will be the only one of its class in operation and one of only two operating locomotives (out of more than 6,700) built by the Juniata Shops.

“We hope this restoration project will spark interest in railroad history in the northeast, as visitors and rail enthusiasts track our progress and watch Engine 39 being brought to Strasburg Rail Road and transformed back to its original state,” comments Linn Moedinger, President of Strasburg Rail Road.

In order to start the restoration, RMLI must raise the $900,000.00 for the move and restoration of the locomotive. “Tax-deductible donations can be made online through PayPal or mailed to RMLI Engine 39″ at P.O. Box 726, Greenport, NY 11944-0726. For more information about RMLI visit www.rmli.org.