Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

We will see you next year!

Act 1 Productions presents two new shows in 2015!

Three great mysteries (including two new ones!) are ready for you to crack the case as Act 1 Productions bring you their popular humor, entertainment and unique style to the Strasburg Rail Road. Please plan to arrive no later than the boarding time in order to enjoy the full experience and to avoid missing any clues. “How much time should I plan?” Visit the FAQ page for tips on this and more.


  • Choice of soup or salad
  • Choice of entrée – Chicken Marsala, Broiled Cajun Tilapia Filet or Prime Rib
  • Vegetarian option – large Caesar Salad
  • Seasoned potatoes
  • Vegetable of the day
  • Dessert – Choice of Cheesecake, Shoo Fly Pie, Apple Pie or Chocolate Cake
  • Iced tea or lemonade

Event Details

Show A
Downtown Crabbey

Shepherd’s Pie is a lovely dish, but did it give our victim a little deadly kiss? Salt of Sorrell, not to be confused, or was it deadly seasoning deliberately misused?

Our scullery maid and cook will be popping in and about to serve up clues in this murder mystery parody from the stiff-upper lip of author Joanne Mercer.

Show B
Murder at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
The rabbit steamed rare it was true… but who put the chump in the stew? The Red Queen who screamed, “Off with its head” – such a scene, or would sweet deadly Alice slay too? The Hatter is Mad we all know, but to welsh out the bunny… uh, so? And never forget, dear Chester the Cat, or is Cheshire the dumb bunny’s foe?

Twisted fun with crazy Joanne Mercer and the creatures of Act 1 Productions, LLC.

Show C
The Monster Mashed?  A Musical?

The Monster has been mashed! Hoist by his own petard! Keeled with his own Keel! AH… ENOUGH ALREADY. But who is the diabolical creature that mashed this big brute? Was it Drackie, Dr. Dementia, Sister Ghoul, Elvira or Thing? You decide.

From the completely bizarre brain of Debi Irene Wahl, this show is celebrating its 7th year of madcap murder mystery. Be ready to participate in the fun 60’s song that created this crazy tribute!

One night only on the Strasburg Rail Road this year! Guests are invited to come dressed in their favorite Halloween costume.  (Family friendly, please!)