611 At Strasburg


May 21 – October 3, 2021

The Norfolk & Western Class J 611, a National Historic Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is known as an engineering powerhouse of steam, technology, and near mechanical perfection.

The N&W Class J 611 is the sole survivor of 14 Class J steam locomotives designed and built by the Norfolk & Western Railway. The locomotive rolled out of Roanoke’s East End Shops in 1950. Its mission was to pull the Powhatan Arrow, a 15-car passenger train, from Norfolk, Virginia, to Cincinnati, Ohio.



Offered as part of our Regular Daily Steam Train service, N&W No. 611 J will be the motive power for the day’s main train on select days. She will pull 45-minute excursion rides to Paradise, Pennsylvania on the following days:

May 22 – 23; May 29 – 30; June 5 – 6; July 2 – 4; July 10 – 11: July 17 – 18: July 24 – 25; August 20 – 22; August 27 – 29; September 4 – 5; September 24 – 26; October 2 – 3.

Select “Regular Daily Steam Train” then search by date or accommodation. Select one of the above dates to reserve your seat with No. 611.



May 21 | June 4 |  July 9 |  July 23  |  September 3

The Strasburg Rail Road and Virginia Museum of Transportation are providing unique In-Cab opportunities that are immersive, hands-on experiences like no other. Choose between the hand-on-the-throttle ENGINEER’S SEAT, the FIREMAN’S SEAT, or the JUMP SEAT to create the memory of a lifetime!

Engineer Seat: This 30-minute experience puts you in control of the rails of America’s oldest operating railroad. You’ll receive an orientation to the controls and then you’ll be off, taking direction from a certified steam locomotive engineer.

Fireman’s Seat: This rare 30-minute experience provides the opportunity to serve as a locomotive fireman and will give you a glimpse of what it takes to keep the pressure up. After a short orientation, you will get to follow the instructions of an experienced steam locomotive fireman to see if you have what it takes!

Jump Seat: Sit and relax for 30 minutes in the cab and experience the sounds and smells of the engine while the art of steam locomotive operation unfolds before your eyes!



July 1, August 19, September 23

Come and fire up N&W Class J 611! Be right in the midst of the action as we light off 611 and put fire in the belly of this American Icon! Spend your day and interact with 611 and her crew. Presentations along with question and answer sessions will occur throughout the day, and once there is enough steam pressure, participants will get to blow 611’s whistle.



Offered on days on which excursion rides operate. 

Each day starts with a pampering routine that makes sure she’s in perfect health and looking her best. An experienced member of the 611 crew will guide you around the locomotive and take you into the cab while the hostlers and engine washers perform their daily work. You’ll see inside her massive firebox as the fire is being cleaned and built up for the day, and you’ll be able to peek beneath the streamlined shrouding at what is in need of daily servicing.

This is a rare opportunity to see all that goes on behind the scenes with this railroad royal!


Offered on days on which excursion rides operate. 

The 611 passenger steam locomotive remains the last existing example of the pinnacle of that evolution. Take this opportunity to climb aboard for a guided tour of the cab where the crew toils at the reins. You’ll be in awe of the array of gauges, valves, and levers that the engineer and fireman must manipulate with great precision to get this powerhouse locomotive to perform at its best.



Offered on days on which excursion rides operate. 

This is your chance to experience the thrill of pulling the whistle cord and hearing the bellowing sound of real steam railroading! Climb into the locomotive cab, sit in the engineer’s seat and take a minute to make some beautiful music.