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  1. Dining Car No. 93

    Read about the Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Parlor car and the features you'll enjoy on your train ride at Strasburg Rail Road.

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  2. Legacy of Sleepy Hollow – DINING CAR

    Experience the Legacy of Sleepy Hollow event aboard our historic “Lee E. Brenner” Dining Car and a meal prepared by Café 1832. The price includes the meal selection.

  3. Easter Bunny Dining Car Ride

    Enjoy a freshly prepared Easter lunch on board our historic trains! Relax in climate-controlled comfort.

  4. Santa’s Paradise Express Dining Car

    LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Hop on Santa’s Paradise Express for a unique train ride on our dinner car. In addition to a delicious meal, Santa will welcome you aboard!

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  5. The Dining Car

    On this 45-minute train ride, enjoy freshly prepared food on board while relaxing in air-conditioned comfort. You don’t want to pass up this experience!

  6. The Rich History Of Train Car Dining

    When passenger trains came into popular use, train car dining didn’t exist. It wasn’t until later, after the Civil War, that dining became a regular feature of train transit. As dining cars and the food they served continued to improve, train car dining started to rival some of the best five-star restaurants across the country….

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  7. Night Before Christmas – Club Car

    An exclusive, private charter experience for our Night Before Christmas train ride! Ideal for groups of 8-10 people. Book your exclusive experience today.

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  8. First Class – The Club Car

    An exclusive, private charter experience aboard the steam train! Ideal for groups of 8 to 10 people. Book your experience today.

  9. How Types of Passenger Train Cars Have Evolved

    Since their inception in the early 1800s, passenger train cars have undergone countless modifications. What started as small, unsteady, wooden carriages have fostered into massive, high-speed, aluminum cars that can transport more passengers over further distances.    Learn how different types of passenger train cars have evolved over the years into the familiar cabs we know…

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  10. Santa’s Paradise Express – Club Car

    An exclusive, private charter experience for our Santa’s Paradise Express train ride! Ideal for groups of 8-12 people. Book your group experience today.

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