Travel Back in Time on a Thrilling Train Ride

The year is 1934, and the rumors have been swirling that the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, have their sights set on Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

You may be wondering why these famous robbers are targeting a rural town in the middle of scenic Amish Country. Well, The Railroad is scheduled to host a very special A-list Celebrity and the nefarious couple is hoping to get their hands on her one-of-kind jewels and bountiful riches.

Those who dare to ride the rails aboard this special train should keep an eye out for these greedy robbers. We will have law enforcement standing by in order to protect our passengers. But, will they be enough to stop the legendary Bonnie and Clyde? Will justice be served, or will the robbers succeed in their steamy heist and get away?

Hold onto your purses and join us this July and October for a chance to be a part of The Great Train Robbery event. Full disclaimer, this trip will be filled with thrills, theft and plenty of laughter.

With the purchase of a ticket, you’ll enjoy a 45-minute train ride, replete with action and excitement. The audience is invited to join in the fun alongside the improvisation actors from Act 1 Productions dressed in early 20th-century attire. Passengers are provided with “loot” before boarding the train; but, watch out! The dynamic duo are likely to demand the jewels mid-journey with the infamous phrase, “stick ’em up!”

This adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers, fans of heist films and those that love the 1930’s. Now, you will finally have a chance to take part in the action! Purchase your tickets ahead of time to make sure you reserve a seat on this special train ride. To truly embrace the time period and feel a part of the action, consider purchasing a ticket for our First Class Parlor Car or First Class Lounge Car. (First Class experience with limited availability.)

As a special bonus, all riches “donated” at the end of your ride will go to the Clinic for Special Children. They provide a medical home for children with rare genetic diseases right in our local community. They work tirelessly to advance the effective treatment of genetic illnesses, serving predominantly Amish and Mennonite families.

In 2016 we were able to donate $1,865 to the Clinic for Special Children, thanks to our Great Train Robbery riders. So far in 2017, we have raised over $729.

So come travel back in time with Strasburg Rail Road where you’ll enjoy an action-packed adventure, while also giving back to our local community.