Shooting at Our Property

Filming note:  Strasburg Rail Road does not have a turntable. To accommodate for this, our locomotive is in reverse position as she heads east. At Paradise, we do a “run-around,” allowing our locomotive to be forward-facing for the return trip.  When shooting exteriors of our train, please only do so when the train is traveling west.  There are a number of access points to get beautiful shots of the train traveling the tracks.  We are happy to help you select the best location.

Our Mechanical Shop

A real distinction to the railroad is its Mechanical Shop, which specializes in replication and restoration of wooden coaches and rolling stock from the 19th and 20th centuries.  It’s among one of the only shops in the country to hold the ASME “S” and NBIC “R” stamp, allowing for the design and build of a steam engine from the ground up. Not only does the railroad build and restore all of its rolling stock, it also repairs and restores rolling stock and steam engines for other steam railroads and museums across the country.

Electrical Access

Some of our cars do have electrical access.  Please be sure to discuss your electrical requirements prior to your arrival.

Wardrobe Changes

Strasburg Rail Road has public restroom facilities as well as a waiting room, attached to our ticket booth, which can be used for wardrobe changes.  Wardrobe trailers can be parked in our lot. To help us provide the best accommodations, please discuss your wardrobe needs prior to arrival.

For more information on shooting on our property and associated costs call Hope Graby at 717-869-4269.