Nearby Attractions

There’s a lot to do in Strasburg and throughout Lancaster County. Be sure to visit some of these other local attractions to round out your stay in “Amish Country!”

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Explore the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and their this world-class collection of more than 100 locomotives and rail cars on display, including the priceless Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Collection. Learn more about the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  

Choo Choo Barn

Explore a work of art in this gigantic model train layout, hand-crafted by one family for 50+ years. See 150 animated people and scenes on a display that is much more than “just trains”. Learn more.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Extend your play in PA Dutch Country at nearby Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, a 5-acre corn maze with lots of other activities throughout the entire 15-acre farm. Visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm to learn more about their schedule, potential weather cancellations, and special family-friendly activities.

The National Toy Train Museum

Toy trains are presented in a colorful and exciting setting. See the Museum’s vast collection of floor toys, electric trains and train-related accessories. Learn more.