Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

  • Ages 3+: $16.00(Summer Day/Fall Weekday Pass)
    Discount Ticket
  • Ages 3+: $19.00(Fall Saturday Pass)
    Discount Ticket
Discounted Cherry Crest Adventure Farm tickets are sold only at the Strasburg Rail Road ticket station window on days when the Amazing Maize Maze™ is open for the season and when Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is operating. Please note that discounted ticket availability will thus change as seasonal operation schedules change. Visitors interested in purchasing this discount are encouraged to visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm online to view the day's schedule and any weather-related announcements.

Extend your play in PA Dutch Country at nearby Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, a 5-acre corn maze and tons of other activities throughout the entire 15-acre farm.

Fun, family and farming combine at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. Your family will laugh and learn while engaging in a variety of wholesome activities, including the 5-acre corn maze, wagon tours, pedal carts, a rope maze, hay chute slide and much, much more!

There are many ways to enjoy a full day of fun at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm and Strasburg Rail Road:

  • You can ride the train to the farm! Groff’s Grove, a picnic area along the train’s route, doubles as a mid-way boarding or unloading spot. Here, you can board the train from Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, or disembark if you began your day at Strasburg Rail Road. Either way, you can catch a later train back.
  • You don’t have to ride the train between properties. You can visit Strasburg Rail Road, take the round-trip train ride and enjoy the other activities, then hop in your car and take a short drive to Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (or the reverse order!).
  • Purchase discounted Cherry Crest Adventure Farm tickets at Strasburg Rail Road.  Please note – Discounted tickets are valid on days the Amazing Maize Maze™ is open and when Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is open for the season.
  • You can spend as long as you like at either location – just be sure to check the train schedule! (At a minimum, you should plan 2 hours at Strasburg Rail Road and 4 hours at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm).

Visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm to learn more about their schedule, potential weather cancellations, and special family-friendly activities as you begin planning your joint visit to both properties.