Historic Railroad Reproduction Parts

Over the years, continuous operation of historic railroad equipment takes its toll. Many of the parts the Strasburg Rail Road has available are a result of the necessity for us to keep our own equipment operating, while others were developed as part of specific orders from others. By making these parts available commercially, we hope to save others the expense of “reinventing the wheel.” Please note that we are unable to stock all items at all times. Lead time could meet or exceed 12 to 14 weeks. Please check well in advance.

Sellers type injectors, whether the 8.5N lifting injector, or the 10.5 KNL non-lifting, are made from original Sellers blueprints, and operate with the same reliability as the originals. Like the Sellers originals, our injectors can be fitted with different size nozzles to allow for increased or decreased capacity.

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Modern “code” safety relief valves are not designed to operate continuously, as required in locomotive service. Locomotive style valves are designed for locomotive service. Our Consolidated type pressure relief valves are made to the original Consolidated design, and have the same reliability and durability as the originals. Consolidated did not recertify its locomotive style safety valves in the 1950s due to the lack of demand resulting from the demise of the steam locomotive. Though our pressure relief valves are identical to the original design, they are not National Board certified safety valves, as it is not economically feasible to have National Board recertify the design due to the small quantities required by steam locomotives today. If your jurisdiction requires a “code” safety valve, a practical solution is to install a “code” valve set at MAWP, as the “high pop,” and a Strasburg Rail Road pressure relief valve, set at 5 PSI below MAWP, as the “low pop.” This avoids lifting and wearing out the “code” safety valve.

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One of the charms of steam locomotives is their individuality, but the downside of that lack of standardization is the tremendous number and variety of spare parts. The Strasburg Rail Road helps to solve that problem with our selection of flexible staybolt caps and sleeves. All are made of material certified to ASME specifications, and to the same dimensions as the old “standard” sizes. By consulting the thumbnail drawings below, it should be easy to match what we offer to your needs.

Boiler work on steam locomotives often means replacing staybolts. The Strasburg Rail Road stocks mill runs of certified, easy to drive SA-675 Grade 50 staybolt stock that we offer for sale as plain bar stock, or made to order in the form of rough or finished rigid, flexible or crown staybolts. We forge oversized heads on flexible and crown bolts, and our CNC lathes make getting your order ofcustom made bolts an easy and economical process. Thread, head and relief size and profile, bolt length and depth of telltale hole can all be customized to your specification.

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In addition to completed superheater units, the Strasburg Rail Road supplies superheater return bends, ball ends, unit clamps, and unit bands for those who wish to build or repair their own units. All pressure-retaining parts are made of material certified to ASME specifications.

It is every tourist railroader’s goal to have the maximum number of “butts in seats.” Giving those customers a comfortable ride on an authentically restored piece of equipment was our motivation behind replicating the Hale & Kilburn #73 walkover seat. The Strasburg Rail Road can supply these seats set up for standard gauge or narrow gauge equipment, with your choice of fabric. We also offer durable and comfortable open air car seats in varnished mahogany.

With everyone comfortably seated, you will need a way to keep them warm. Our reproductions of the Spear #16 car heater are second to none. We used castings from an original stove as patterns for our reproductions. They give excellent service keeping our coaches warm on the coldest days.