Historic Railroad Restoration

The Strasburg Rail Road is capable of complete restorations from the rails up on any equipment that can be transported to our facility. We work exclusively with a company with extensive experience in rigging, lifting and securing railroad equipment for safe shipment, all of which are available when your organization is considering sending a project to us. We can bring our entire pool of talent and knowledge to bear, allowing us to work very efficiently. Having the entire restoration done by us in this way ensures a harmonious outcome from coupler to coupler.


The B&O “William Mason” as it arrived at the Strasburg Rail Road on February 26, 1998 after being out of service for approximately 36 years.



The “William Mason” restored to service, and under steam on June 23, 1998. Work performed included dropping of all engine axles, 1472 day inspection with tube replacement and a new Form 4, general machinery overhaul, conversion back to wood fuel, replumbing, and construction of a new, historically accurate pilot. This restoration was initiated so the engine could appear in the movie Wild, Wild, West, and required the addition of a number of cosmetic details and polished brass, to the movie company’s specifications.