New Construction of Locomotive Equipment

Deterioration due to the passage of time, the need to meet modern requirements or produce a modern design, a desire to preserve the “historic fabric” of an original piece, or the fundamental absence of an original to restore are all reasons to seriously consider having the Strasburg Rail Road design and construct a reproduction or new design to meet your specifications. We have the ability to do research to finalize the specifications required, and use our 3D CAD systems to produce detailed drawings of the piece to be built. Our experienced shop crew can turn those plans into reproduction equipment of excellent quality. Our location in the “industrial” Northeast places all types of suppliers, be they steel companies, foundries, fabricators, or lumberyards stocking a full variety of exotic hardwoods, conveniently within our reach.



The Strasburg Rail Road maintains the latest upgrades of powerful 3D CAD software in its engineering department computers to streamline the design process to the greatest extent.



When these designs are turned over to our experienced craftsmen, the results are a job done right the first time.



With the increased enthusiasm for Thomas the Tank Engine, we were presented with an opportunity to design and build four unpowered Thomas Replicas. Our engineering staff created a complete working design using only photographs of the model Thomas used on the television program. Here, the first of four Thomas Replicas poses for its official builders photograph. Total construction time: 8 months, 21 days.



There are few shops capable of replicating a full size, standard gauge steam locomotive to exacting historic specifications. The Lyon project is unique in North America due to its strict adherence to the original Union Iron Works design, which has required intensive research by our engineering staff. The original Lyon was out of service and in derelict condition, circa 1890. She was scrapped shortly afterward. There are no known photos of this locomotive taken when she was still intact. All design work was based on one surviving erection drawing, and five photographs showing the engine partially dismantled in the scrapyard. Here, a completed rolling running gear is ready for application of the valve gear, and boiler.



The Strasburg Rail Road’s boiler shop is the first steam train repair shop in the United States to hold the ASME “S” stamp. Our position as a “code” shop allows us to design and build boilers for any jurisdiction in the country. We have extensive experience producing flanged boiler sheets of any configuration, both by hot flanging, as well as with our McCabe flanging machine. Our welders are certified in a variety of procedures and can conduct work in accordance with FRA or ASME radiographic standards. Here is a just-completed new “code” boiler for a Frick traction engine.