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The Strasburg Rail Road’s boiler shop is the first steam railroad shop in the United States to hold the ASME “S” and NBIC “R” stamps. Our position as a “code” shop allows us to design and build as well as perform repairs and alterations on boilers in any jurisdiction in the country. We have extensive experience producing flanged boiler sheets of any configuration, both by hot flanging and with our McCabe flanging machine. Our welders are certified in a variety of procedures, and can conduct work in accordance with FRA or ASME radiographic standards.

The Strasburg Rail Road also offers an extensive line of flexible staybolt caps, and sleeves, as well as superheater unit parts, Consolidated type pressure relief valves, and Huron plugs.

Strasburg Rail Road’s Mechanical Shop Team demonstrate “Hot-Flanging” of a boiler sheet.

Just completed, a new “code” boiler for a Frick traction engine.


Our experienced crew tapping staybolt holes in a new boiler.a close up of a metal pan

When nothing else will do, the old-fashioned method of hand flanging will produce a sheet of the desired shape.

Our McCabe flanging machine makes short work of complicated flanging jobs.

The door sheet for N&W #1218. We can flange sheets for locomotives of any size.

Riveting, and X-ray quality welding are both routine at the Strasburg Rail Road. We have a large selection of rivet guns, buckers, and snaps along with the experience to ensure that the job is done right the first time.