Steam Locomotive Overhaul

Properly repaired, reliable and smooth-running machinery under your locomotive can make the difference between a successful, profitable season and one filled with headaches caused by delayed and canceled trains. Once properly overhauled, a steam locomotive’s running gear can last for many seasons with minimal expense, provided it is cared for and operated in a responsible manner.

The Strasburg Rail Road’s back shop is equipped and staffed to perform the entire range of work that may be required to return a locomotive’s machinery to excellent condition.


New main rods and piston rod, modified piston and crosshead for WMSR #734.



Driving wheels for UP #3985 in our shop for tire turning and quartering.



Wheels for a 2-6-2 in our shop for tire turning, journal turning, one new axle and crankpin quartering.



A new steel driving box, with a Babbitt hubliner, designed and built at the Strasburg Rail Road.



Side rods for BEDT #15, a.k.a Thomas, being bored as a set on our planer mill.



A wheel set having its tire seats turned in our 90″ Niles wheel lathe in preparation for new tires.



A wheel set having its tires re-profiled in our 90″ Niles wheel lathe.



A crankpin being machined to proper throw and quarter on our quartering attachment.



Walschaert link and block blanks, designed by the Strasburg Rail Road, ready for case hardening, final finishing and assembly.



The Strasburg Rail Road has the tooling necessary to accurately grind the radius into Walschaert and Stevenson links and blocks.



A completed order for new Walschaert links, link blocks, lifting links, and one radius rod to be used in the restoration of 2-6-2T “Robert Dollar” #3, by the Pacific Locomotive Association.