Wooden Railroad Car Repair

The Strasburg Rail Road’s car shop specializes in the replication and restoration of wooden coaches and rolling stock from the 19th and early 20th century. We have the capability to work from the rails up, from design, truck, frame, brake and coupler work, to fine millwork, decorative stenciling and hand lettering. We can perform evaluations and estimates of the condition of wooden cars for restoration.

The Strasburg Rail Road also offers authentic reproduction coach and open car seats, as well as car heating stoves. See our New Parts page for more details.



Strasburg Rail Road (ex-B&M) coach “Henry K. Long,” shown partially stripped at the beginning of its restoration.



With all of the deteriorated wood removed, new mahogany framing is erected in its place.



All new siding, applied with techniques to make it as weatherproof as possible, hints at the appearance of the restored car.



The completed car, converted into a café lounge, emerges from the shop, ready for service.



Beautiful interiors, resplendent in varnished oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, or other hardwoods are a specialty of our car shop.



Rebuilding the frames, running gear and couplers for reliable operation is every bit as important as a weather resistant exterior, or a plush interior. Our shop forces have many decades of experience making these parts fit for daily service.