Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Dinner Train

We will see you next year!

There’s been a murder! Dine aboard to find out whodunit.

Act 1 Productions returns to the Strasburg Rail Road to bring you their popular humor, entertainment and unique style for dinner a board a steam train! Please plan to arrive no later than the boarding time in order to enjoy the full experience and to avoid missing any clues.

Find our Murder Mystery Dinner Train Menu below, along with descriptions of the shows being offered. Customers should be prepared to select their entrée at the time of ticket purchase.

Strasburg Rail Road’s dinner trains are by reservation only. Ticket sales cut off 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Wondering “How much time should I plan?” Visit our FAQ page for tips on this and more.


  • Choice of soup or salad
  • Choice of entrée – Chicken Marsala, Broiled Cajun Tilapia Filet, Prime Rib, or Vegetarian Chef’s Choice
  • Seasoned potatoes
  • Vegetable of the day
  • Dessert – Choice of Cheesecake, Shoo Fly Pie, Apple Pie or Chocolate Cake
  • Lemonade or water (additional beverage options available for purchase)

Show Descriptions

The Chameleon Murder Mystery

All Aboard the Strasburg Rail Road for Act 1 Production’s 14th year of murder mystery mayhem that begins with: The Chameleon Murder Mystery is set in the early years of the trains. The Chameleon is a creature who changes its persona as it rides the rails throughout the United States robbing banks and leaving a trail behind.  This time, The Chameleon has set its sights on Strasburg and is mingling with the guests as this person tries to elude the law. Debi Irene Wahl debuted this show in 2004 on the Strasburg Rail Road and we are bringing it back for only 4 shows this season as a nod to our 14th year! 


The Goobers Goo Beer Murder Mystery

The Goobers have done it this time, Jonah has a recipe for homemade beer that is driving people to murder! The Goobers never travel to any other destination than the Strasburg Rail Road since Debi first created the zany Hillbilly family. This is the second year Roger Luckenbill has put his hand to pen and written about the madness of murder that seems to follow this family everywhere!  More fun than a barrel of homemade beer! Come out and have a glass of Jonah’s homemade brew with your dinner, if you dare!


The Really? Hausfraus of Lancaster County Murder Mystery

The 3rd show riding the rails on Strasburg Rail Road’s murder mystery season is Debi Irene Wahl’s newest nutty murder mystery: The Really? Hausfraus of Lancaster County! Let’s keep this ‘real’ we all know who Debi is poking fun at. This is a hilarious ‘meat and potatoes ladies’ take on the …uh, you know show. Two of the trains guests will be joined with our own ‘lovely’ Hausfraus as the four of them attempt to be cast on a new spin-off of the reality shows.  Can you help our Casting Agent figure out which lady or more is involved in a Dutchy murder? Lots of laughs and fun.


The Monster Mashed?

Debi Irene Wahl’s published murder mystery based on the 60’s song is a fun, smart and fast paced series of one-liners.  Someone mashed Dr. Dementia’s monster and the mood is dark, dreary and… uh, monstrous!  All Aboard the Strasburg Rail Road this ‘one night only’ event with Debi Irene Wahl, Stephen Mercer, Lexi Shaeffer and Sunny Sweigart as Drackie with a lisp!  Fun and craziness for your Halloween season.