Mixed Train

  • All Ages: $15.00

Ticket prices listed do not apply to Special Event trains.

Ride Aboard Strasburg Rail Road’s “Mixed Train!”

The Mixed Train is our Freight Train with a passenger car (or two) on the rear. This is a unique opportunity to experience a historic tradition, while also witnessing the real freight work performed at Strasburg Rail Road.


Coach: $15.00 (all ages)

Caboose: $20.00 (all ages)

Payment: Cash only – to the Conductor at the time of boarding. First come, first served.

Schedule & Boarding

There are no mixed trains currently scheduled.
The freight run departs East Strasburg at 8:00 am as the Leaman Place Turn pulled by steam. Please plan arrival for sufficient time to board and pay the fare.

Passengers are to form a queue at the Coach staged at the head (west end) of North No. 1 Track.

Please plan on approximately one hour for the entire experience.

Availability: First come, first served.

Please Be Advised: Due to interchange connections and the schedules of third parties, we may have the occasional last-minute cancellation. Schedules are adhered to as closely as possible, but the railroad reserves the right to alter schedules, substitute coaches and/or motive power as operating conditions demand. The railroad is not responsible for lack of sufficient capacity or adverse weather conditions that prevent operations.

About Freight Service
Strasburg Rail Road runs an active freight operation, usually with diesel motive power, but occasionally we have need or opportunity to use steam for freight service. Strasburg Rail Road transfers agricultural commodities, forest products and alternative fuels from Leaman Place Junction to our East Strasburg Station. From there the goods are off-loaded to tractor trailers. Passengers will have the unique opportunity to ride aboard the Mixed Train and experience the reality of rail freight today.

About Mixed Trains
The early 20th century branchline or “mixed train” was a consist that usually involved a local or “peddler” freight with a coach on the rear for local passengers. Customers would get to observe the switching work of the freight; pick-up and/or delivery at junction; the conductor at his paperwork. Mixed trains like this used to serve every rural community that could not boast regular passenger trains. The mixed trains were run as timetable trains but were known to be slow, had interesting crews and were the backbone of their community.