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All Ages

Mother’s Day Experience at the Strasburg Rail Road

Saturday, May 13 & Sunday, May 14

Rich Edwardian elegance comes alive at America’s oldest continuously operating railroad. This exclusive, sophisticated, and unique dining experience is designed to give you and your mother an upscale Mother’s Day Dinner on either the Henry K. Long or Lee E. Brenner Dining Cars. You and your mom will indulge in a select menu prepared by the Executive Chef and Sous Chef of Café 1832 and personally presented by a member of the Café’s Executive Team.

Reserve your spot at one of Lancaster County’s most unique dining experiences! Seats sell out fast. Advance purchase is recommended. Book now for fast and convenient checkout.

The Inclusions:

  • Dining experience aboard the historic Lee E. Brenner Dining Car or the dining side of the Henry K. Long car.
  • 45-minute train ride through the picturesque Amish Country.
  • Special dinner menu prepared by Café 1832 and served by a First Class attendant.
  • Train fare, PA State Sales tax, and gratuity.

A dining table is set nicely with a folded napkin and flowers on the dining train car.

The Menu:

  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • House Salad
  • Choice of: Chicken Marsala, Filet Mignon, Crab Cakes, Vegetable Lasagna
  • Assorted Dessert tray for each party and/or table
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are included. (Alcoholic drinks are available for purchase.)

Due to the nature of the dining experience and train car, any special requests or accommodations not discussed prior to the day of cannot be guaranteed.

The Cars:

“Henry K. Long” Club / Dining Car:

Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Lounge Car No. 75 is among the most popular cars in our fleet. It serves as both a lounge and dining car with one side configured with large, green captain’s chairs and the second half with tables for a private dining experience. Just like Strasburg’s Marian, the Henry K. Long, car #75 originally ran on the Boston & Main Railroad until 1972. After it was retired from service on the B&M Railroad, it was sold to the Strasburg Rail Road where two years later, the car entered service on the Strasburg and as the Henry K. Long, named in honor of the first president of the revived Strasburg Rail Road Company, Henry Keiper Long.

a dining room table in front of a window


“Lee E. Brenner” Dining Car:

The Lee E. Brenner Dining Car — America’s oldest operating all-wood dining railcar — recreates the traditional dining experience you would have experienced aboard an early 20th-century railroad. During the Edwardian era, dining on the rails was quite sophisticated. What now serves as Strasburg Rail Road’s dining car was built by the Laconia Car Company in 1926 and ran on the Boston & Maine Railroad until 1972. After its retirement in 1972, it arrived at the Strasburg Rail Road. It was rebuilt in 1993 and renamed for Strasburg’s second president, Lee E. Brenner.

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Please note that all passengers requesting alcohol must be age 21 or older with a proper photo ID to board the train. Each guest will be carded pursuant to state law. In addition, in accordance with Pennsylvania law, alcohol can only be served during the train ride. Alcoholic drinks must be consumed before exiting the train; alcohol is not permitted off the train. Strasburg Rail Road is not permitted to serve alcoholic drinks while the train is berthed in the Station.