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Street-mosphere Characters

What is “Streetmosphere”?
Streetmosphere is a term used to describe living history entertainers such as musicians, jugglers, or improvisational actors who perform in public areas at attractions, theme parks, and historic venues. To better enhance the guest experience at the Strasburg Rail Road, guests will encounter historic streetmosphere characters meandering the mall area in between train rides. Be sure to keep an eye out and say hello!

These characters may have been found around a small-town railroad station or in the small town itself during the gilded age (1870 – 1900) and into the early 20th century.

Name: Fifi Leroux
Fifi is originally from Paris, France. She loves to regale passengers with songs and stories from her years on the Paris stage. She is happy to lead guests in a little song and a little dance.

Name: Lorelai Divine
Lorelai is the greatest actress of her by-gone era and is always excited to meet (and brag to) her fans. She loves to regale guests with stories from her glory days on the stage and all the famous people with whom she has stared.

Name: Denver Humperdink
Denver Humperdink is a loveable hobo at the Strasburg Rail Road. No one really knows where Denver is going or where Denver is headed, but Denver calls the Strasburg Rail Road home… for now. Everyone loves to listen to the tales from the many years of riding the rails. Shhh! Guests may even find Denver taking a nap at times.

Name: Mayor Wilson Book
No matter what time of day or where he is, the Mayor is always campaigning for office. Always ready to shake a hand or kiss a baby, his “Hello!” follows him wherever he goes!

Name: Buster T. Higgins
Obviously, it’s not every day that someone strikes gold, and even less likely for it to happen in Strasburg, Pennsylvania! But that’s never stopped an old prospector like Buster T. Higgins from at least trying! He got on the train in Chicago and went the WRONG way, so he decided to try his luck wherever he landed. Luckily for us, he jumped off at Leaman Place junction and came to Strasburg, still hoping to strike gold someday.

Name: Mary Farthing
Raised on her daddy’s cattle ranch in Texas, Mary Farthing somehow made it to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She is quick with a quip and even quicker with the rifle! She’s beautiful, but beware, she’s a sure shot.

Name: Wigginton and Winchester
While the 1930s had Laurel and Hardy, the Strasburg Rail Road has Wigginton and Winchester. They always have something up their sleeves and love to bring audience members into their act.