Paranormal to Paradise

We will see you next year!

New for Steampunk unLimited 2016!

A train excursion featuring all things mystical, mythic, and metaphysical — the “Paranormal to Paradise” will depart the historic East Strasburg Station promptly at eight o’clock on the evening of October 14, 2016.

Those interested in traversing the paranormal have a variety of experiences and accommodations to choose from. While standard Coach seating will be available on this train, specific tickets are required for the following options.

Fortunes Told

Tarot Cards…Palm Reading…Have your fortune told by Ariana or Rebecca while aboard the Paranormal to Paradise. Passengers will board the Henry K. Long Car, #75. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Mind Reading

Spend an hour with Professor Styles and Lavinia of The Miracle Elixir Sideshow aboard our luxurious Parlor Car, #88. Let them read your mind if you dare. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.


Silence is golden. How well can you interpret gestures and pantomime to guess the winning title, person, or phrase? A game of charades is hosted by Zephyr of The Miracle Elixir Sideshow in the Lounge seating aboard the Henry K. Long Car, #75. Snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Tea 101 ($34.00)

For those wanting something earthier and less metaphysical, enjoy an evening repast of Sweets and Savories. Learn about different teas, their origins, and bit of trivia too. Relax and take a ride aboard the Lee E. Brenner Dining Car, #93, while enjoying our High Tea service and learning about what is arguably the world’s “most consumed beverage.”


Also, running at eight o’clock aboard Strasburg Rail Road’s President’s Car is Escape the Train