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Quick Details

Couples / Friends 1 - 3 people
Family Package 4 - 6 people

An Escape Room Experience Aboard A PRR “Bobber” Caboose

Our 2024 Escape Room, TRAPPED IN TIME or “The Curse of the Bobber“, is set on a stationary caboose, in our Town Square. From the moment you enter, you are immediately thrust into a turn-of-the-century reality that you cannot escape. Or can you? There you’ll meet your host, another guest just like you, who has been trapped in time for more than one hundred years! Learn the long-time “curse of the Bobber” and experience the adventure that awaits … along with your host … as you try to escape back to 2024.

This 45-minute interactive train escape room experience is filled with twists, turns, and more. Join us for a unique escape room experience in Lancaster County, PA. Are you ready to Escape in 2024?

Participants: $30 (All Ages)

Please note:

1.) This is a stationary experience and not part of a moving train.

2.) Due to the historical nature of the caboose, the caboose is not handicap accessible.


About the Caboose

Caboose No. 476087 was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in Altoona, PA in September 1905 and ran on the Pennsylvania Railroad until about 1958. In 1959, the caboose was “dropped off” at the end of our line by a PRR freight crew. In 1992, this caboose was fully restored and, soon after, used in the movie, *Wild, Wild West* in 1998-1999.