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Adult 21+

Enjoy an Escape Room in Our President’s Car

Time is running out! Harry Houdini, the renowned magician and escape artist, is trapped in a safe onboard a moving train, and only YOU and YOUR PARTY can free him before he runs out of air! This interactive escape room – onboard the opulent (and moving!) President’s Car – is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Price includes one (1) complimentary adult beverage and a snack.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test your wit and skill and save Houdini before time runs out! Only aboard the Strasburg Rail Road!

This train ride goes 4.5 miles east and 4.5 miles returning west on the same track.

About the President’s Car

Philadelphia & Reading Car No. 10, commonly known as “The Reading” during its heyday, is an Edwardian-era business car. Business-class cars were built for the railroad’s top brass—company presidents and other high-level officials. These cars were essentially a house on wheels that transported railroad officials “over the line” to carry out their railroad responsibilities. These cars were often the pride of the railroad fleet with their handcrafted woodwork, rich tapestries, over-stuffed furniture, and much more.

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