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The Strasburg Rail Road Company is America’s oldest short line railroad, incorporated in 1832. From our inception, we have served the surrounding farming community with affordable rail transport. If it is shipped by rail, we can get it for you.

Our specialties include railcar-to-truck transfer of grains, bulk feed additives, dry fertilizers, lumber, steel, bedding, and bio-fuel. We are also able to handle bulk transfers from truck-to-railcar.

Our customers enjoy public team track access. Some of our most loyal customers are not located along the rail network and yet regularly take advantage of the prices and ladings available only by rail. Our public tracks have a general cargo dock for unloading of sensitive shipments requiring box cars. There is room and storage for lumber products and other products that are not weather-sensitive.

We are also able to handle the transloading of liquid products that travel by tank car. Your product may be pumped alongside into your truck, or from your truck into a tank car.

We also handle those questions and perform the research for your prospective rail shipment neighborhood freight agents used to perform on a daily basis.


  • 286,000 lbs car capacity
  • Lumber transloading and storage
  • Rail car-to-truck unloading of grain and other bulk commodities
  • Truck-to-rail car loading of grain and other bulk commodities
  • General cargo dock and team track
  • Machinery ramp
  • Rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail loading of rail equipment
  • Tank car liquid and gas transfer opportunities

View a Sample Waybill HERE.

General Information

All freight is handled in Strasburg, PA. Information for our Strasburg, PA station is as follows:

Our Station/Place Location Code (SPLC) is: 209252000
Our Freight Station Accounting Code (FSAC) is: 67285

In the waybill address field, our name and location are:


(Please enter the name and location exactly as it appears)
If you have a shipment on our line for a location other than Strasburg, PA, or any other question, please do not hesitate to call or send us an email.

Email Strasburg Rail Road’s Freight Department, or call the number below.

Stephen S. Weaver
VP, Roadway
(717) 687-8421 ext 116

FAX: (717) 687-6194

A train on the tracks at dusk.
trains on a steel track