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See our complete Equipment Roster, including Locomotives, Retired Locomotives, Passenger Cars, and more (like the snowplow)! Find out when each was built, and some interesting facts about the equipment. Download the current Equipment Roster.  (Please note: If printing, this document prints on legal-sized paper.)

More details and pictures of our current Strasburg Rail Road locomotives can be found below.

No. 89

Today, No. 89 remains an active locomotive at Strasburg and is often the locomotive of choice to pull smaller train consists.

No. 90

Locomotive No. 90 has become an iconic symbol of the Strasburg Rail Road. While she may be the youngest steam locomotive on the roster, she is the largest, and to some, she reigns as the grande dame of Strasburg’s fleet of steam locomotives.

No. 475

Built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia in June of 1906 and run on the Norfolk & Western Railroad as a mixed use engine until 1962, No. 475 is Strasburg Rail Road’s oldest and second largest steam locomotive.

No. 31

The Strasburg Rail Road acquired Canadian National Locomotive No. 7312, a steam engine built by Philadelphia’s Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1908, in the summer of 1960. It was the first steam locomotive returned to revenue passenger service in the U.S.

L.O. & S. Self-Propelled Motor Car

The rare 1915 Lancaster, Oxford & Southern Railcar was originally used on a three-foot (narrow gauge) gauge track in Southern Lancaster County.