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Community Involvement

Since the beginning of Strasburg Rail Road’s history, involvement in the community has been at the forefront of our efforts. There was a time when Strasburg Rail Road was on the verge of termination; the railroad tracks were in bad shape, business was inconsistent, and funds and manpower were lacking. 

That’s when a group of community members stepped in and purchased Strasburg Rail Road.  Together, they restored the tracks and revived its passenger services.


It’s our goal to lift our community up in the same way, lending a helping hand to our neighbors in times of need. 

In the past, we’ve partnered with several community groups, hosted fundraising train events, and even donated a portion of a day’s ticket sales to local businesses in Strasburg. Each Christmas, we donate the sales from an entire Christmas train to the Lion’s Club.

Partnership Opportunities

At Strasburg Rail Road, we believe community involvement is best achieved through partnerships with other businesses or groups in the local community. Over the years, we’ve developed enduring partnerships with

Using History To Bring The Community Together

Strasburg Rail Road is dedicated to preserving the historic property of the station and its trains. As members of the Heritage Rail Association (HRA), we advocate for the preservation of tourist railroads so that our community doesn’t miss out on an authentic steam train experience.  

We are the only steam train excursion in Lancaster County and the most visited tourist railroad in the continental United States. Each time you book tickets to ride the train, you’re not only keeping steam alive, but you’re also helping the small town of Strasburg flourish.

Become a part of Strasburg Rail Road’s history.