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The Philadelphia & Reading Car No. 10, commonly known as “The Reading” during its heyday, is an Edwardian-era business car. Business-class cars were built for the railroad’s top brass—company presidents and other high-level officials. These cars were essentially a house on wheels that transported railroad officials “over the line” to carry out their railroad responsibilities. These cars were often the pride of the railroad fleet with their handcrafted woodwork, rich tapestries, over-stuffed furniture, and much more.

Then Philadelphia & Reading Car No. 10, now known as “The President’s Car,” was built in 1913 for George F. Baer, president of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad (P&R) and president of the Board of Trustees of Franklin & Marshall College (1894 – 1914). Upon Baer’s death in 1914, Car No. 10 was used by socialite Edward T. Stotesbury who succeeded Baer as President of the P&R.

Year Built: 1913. The railcar came to the Strasburg Rail Road in May of 1964 after three Strasburg Rail Road employees purchased the car from the Reading Railroad. From 1964 until 2002, the car was known as the Paradise Car and sat on a static display at the Strasburg Rail Road. However, in 2002 the car was fully restored to its original Edwardian splendor and put back on the rails for you to enjoy today!

Maker: Harlan & Hollingsworth

Length: 83 feet

Weight: 216,000 lbs.

Arrived at Strasburg: May 1964

a train car with wooden cabinets and a fireplace


  • Available on select days throughout the year. See our Strasburg Rail Road Timetable for more information.
  • Ride in air-conditioned comfort.
  • Listen to an on-board commentary during the ride.
  • Confections and beverages may be purchased separately onboard the car.
  • $30 per person, ages 2 and older  (special event rates may differ.)
  • 15 seats are available for each ride.
  • Ask about private charter options.
a chair sitting next to a fireplace