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Coach No. 59 originally ran on the Boston & Main Railroad and was the third car to be rostered at the Strasburg Rail Road during the first year of tourist operations.

Just like Coach No. 20, the Grasshopper Level also appeared in Hello Dolly! in 1968.

Year Built: 1904

Maker: Boston & Maine Salem Shops

Length: 66 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 66,000 lbs.

Year Arrived at Strasburg: April 17, 1959

Entered Passenger Service: May 1959

Significance of Name: Named Grasshopper Level for an unincorporated area along State Route 896 just south of Strasburg. Grasshopper Level is known for its unadulterated vista of Lancaster County.

Outside view of the coach train car number 59.
Inside view of train car number 60.