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Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Lounge Car No. 118 is among the most popular cars in our fleet. Featuring, soft, upholstered captain’s chairs that swivel for a full view of the countryside. Relax in climate-controlled comfort. Indulge yourself with our unique selection of confections and beverages available for purchase.

Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Lounge Car No. 118 is named Linn W. Moedinger in honor of Strasburg’s seventh and longest-serving president. After 18 years as president and CMO and 50 years of employment at the Strasburg Rail Road, Mr. Moedinger retired in 2018.

The car takes the guest back in time with its late-Victorian-era elegance. Built by the American Car and Foundry in 1911, it was used on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad until the 1950s. From there it went to the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern RR before coming to the Strasburg Rail Road in 1990. The car remained out-of-service and cocooned until 2015. After a 3-year (2015-2018), complete restoration/rebuild, No. 118 entered service as a top-of-the-line luxury railcar that you see today.

  • Ride in air-conditioned comfort.
  • Listen to an onboard commentary during the ride.
  • Confections and beverages may be purchased separately onboard the car.
  • $32 per person, ages 2+  (special event and/or onsite rates may differ.)
  • 22 seats are available for each ride.
  • Ask about private charter options.

View snapshots of the restoration process below!

inside of train car