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Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Lounge Car No. 75 is among the most popular cars in our fleet. What better way to see the world-famous Amish country than relaxing in a large, plush captain’s chair as you ride the historic rails of the Strasburg Rail Road?

Because the car is divided between a lounge side and a dining side, the car can serve multiple purposes. The versatility of two styles of seating provides flexibility for birthday parties, private charters, and group outings.

Just like Strasburg’s Marian, the Henry K. Long, car #75 originally ran on the Boston & Main Railroad until 1972. After it was retired from service on the B&M Railroad, it was sold to the Strasburg Rail Road where two years later, the car entered service on the Strasburg.

Year Built: June 1910

Maker: Laconia Car Company

Length: 68 feet

Weight: 90,600 lbs.

Arrived at Strasburg: September 1972

Significance of Name: Named Henry K. Long, named in honor of the first president of the revived Strasburg Rail Road Company, Henry Keiper Long. Long was president of his family’s business, Lancaster Champion Blower & Forge, and spearheaded the effort to save and revive the Strasburg Rail Road in 1957 – 1958.

Outside view of train car number 75.
A first class car at the Strasburg Rail Road.
An empty dining car on the Strasburg Rail Road.