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Built in June of 1924 for the Great Western Railroad by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, No. 90 is one of just two operational Decapod class (2-10-0 wheel configuration) locomotives remaining in America! After spending 40 years of hauling commodities—primarily sugar beets—through the mountains of northern Colorado, she was sold to the Strasburg Rail Road in 1967 for a grand total of just $23,000. As soon as No. 90 arrived in Strasburg over 50 years ago, she instantly became a fan favorite and remains so even today.

Year Built: 1924

Maker: Baldwin Locomotive Works (Philadelphia, PA)

Wheel Configuration: 2-10-0

Weight: 212,000 lbs.

Year Arrived at Strasburg: May 1967

Steam engine #90 on a train track with smoke coming out of it.