Dining Car

  • Adult (12+): $17.50
  • Child (2-11): $10.50
  • Infant (0-1): $2.00
Daily lunch options are available. A variety of Dinner Trains are offered throughout the year.


Ticket prices listed do not apply to Special Event trains.


Climb aboard the historic Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster County for a dining experience flavored with turn-of-the-century charm and first class service.

Seated in the elegantly restored “Lee E. Brenner” Dining Car, you will journey through rolling hills and picturesque farms in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country.

From the authentic steam locomotive to the luxurious appointments of the vintage Dining Car, dinner aboard the Strasburg Rail Road is a memorable escape to the golden age of steam railroading.

*Child booster seats are available.


To explore all dining options currently offered, please click Dine Aboard.

Lee E Brenner Dining Car #93