First Class Parlor, Car #88

  • Ages 2+: $21.00
  • Infant (0-1): FREE(Must sit on laps during the ride)
  • Private Charter: $336.00(Charter for 1 to 16 People)
  • Private Charter: $504.00(Charter for 17 to 30 People)
    Discount Ticket

Ticket prices listed do not apply to Special Event trains. Walk-up/Non-reserved ticket prices may vary.

Surround yourself in Victorian splendor and air-conditioned comfort. Indulge yourself with our unique selection of confections and beverages available for purchase.

About the Car

Strasburg Rail Road’s First Class Parlor car is named Marian in honor of the company’s first corporate secretary and wife of William M. Moedinger. Upon entry, the car takes the rider back in time with its late Victorian elegance. Built by the Laconia Car Company, it was used on the Boston & Main Railroad until 1957. The Strasburg Rail Road purchased the car in January of 1971 and used it as the Pequea Creek passenger coach. In 1988, the Strasburg Rail Road transformed the car into the top-of-the-line luxury railcar that you see today.

In commemoration of the 125th anniversary of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the car was used to carry dignitaries—including President Lincoln (as portrayed by James Getty) and Chief Justice of the United States, William Rehnquist—to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the historical celebration.

Year Built: December 1910

Maker: Laconia Car Company

Length: 68 feet

Weight: 90,600 lbs.

Year Arrived at Strasburg: January 1971