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a young boy sitting next to a fence

June is the perfect time to reconnect with the kiddos with some fun in the sun at Strasburg Rail Road’s Day Out With Thomas event. The main attraction, of course, is seeing beloved childhood friends and TV legends come to life at the Strasburg station. Thomas the Tank Engine is joined by his pal Percy to delight children and families during this nine-day extravaganza.

But, your ticket to Strasburg Rail Road’s Day Out With Thomas event gets you more than just a ride on Thomas (though that is a favorite activity). The event comes with several exciting Thomas-themed activities, and Strasburg Rail Road holds claim to a few additional amusements only found at this station. Each of these attractions is included in the price of your Day Out With Thomas ticket and can be enjoyed before or after your train ride.

Imagination Station

Activate your kids’ imagination with our Imagination Station, interactive and hands-on Thomas-themed activities specifically designed for kids to enjoy at the station. We have temporary tattoos, storytelling, train tables, music, videos, and more. Be sure to make a point to visit with Sir Topham Hatt™, the Chairman of the Railway on the Island of Sodor! You can even get your picture taken with this beloved character.

Pint-Sized Pufferbelly

As the name suggests, the Pint-Sized Pufferbelly is a steam train in miniature. (The track gauge is roughly one-fourth the width of our regular track). The idea for a tiny train originated in the late 1800s, and they were primarily used for show at exhibitions or for fun at amusement parks. The Cagney brothers, who were showmen from New Jersey, started the Miniature Railway Company and manufactured these tiny steam-powered trains as an attraction for the public. The tiny train located at Strasburg Rail Road was most likely built in the 1920s for use at Coney Island, NY.

So, when visiting Thomas and Percy, don’t forget to climb aboard one of the Pint-Sized Pufferbelly’s small, open-air cars and take a ride along the 15-inch wide tracks.

Cranky Cars

The hand crank locomotive, affectionately called the Cranky Car, is the perfect activity for kids who cannot sit still for long. Originally manufactured in the 1930s, Cranky Cars were often found at carnivals and fairs in the 1940s. While most locomotives at the Strasburg Rail Road run on steam, the Cranky Cars run on kid-power and elbow grease: kids turn the hand pedals located on a crank to make the small cars move along a tiny track. The faster you move your arms, the faster your car will go! This safe, fun activity keeps kids smiling and is exclusive to Strasburg Rail Road’s events.

Do It All at the Day Out With Thomas Event

You’ll get an experience like nowhere else when you celebrate a Day Out With Thomas at the Strasburg Rail Road. We offer exclusive, fun extras that give your kids a chance to move around, engage with history, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Be sure to leave enough time to experience the Imagination Station, Pint-Sized Pufferbelly, and Cranky Cars all in one day. Plan to spend more than three (3) hours at this event, including your ride on Thomas, Percy (available with Percy Package) and/or the regular excursion train (available as an upgrade). If your train ride is scheduled for the afternoon, arrive early to experience the exclusive extras before your afternoon ride. Similarly, if you have a morning ride, you can expect to spend extra time after your ride enjoying all that the station has to offer.

Purchase tickets early to get the train time that works best for your schedule.