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The inside of the parlor car at Strasburg Rail Road.

Early 20th-century life was marked by a strong division between the upper and lower classes. Every aspect of your dress, speech, location and transportation spoke to your social class, and what you could expect as a result.

Those lucky enough to be born in the upper crust of society at that time lived in opulence and luxury. While this meant wearing stiff formal attire – men in waistcoats and ladies in silk dresses – it also meant surrounding yourselves in comfort. This privileged lifestyle extended to modes of transportation: from cars to ocean liners to steam trains, the social elite expected plush seating, rich style and access to delicious food and drink.

Today, mass transportation options exceed those of yesteryear in terms of speed and convenience; however, it often pales in comparison of the comfort and luxury. Fortunately, you can still indulge in early 1900s glamour and Victorian comfort aboard Strasburg Rail Road’s First-Class Parlor and First Class Lounge Cars.

First Class Parlor Car

Surround yourself with luxury by riding in our First-Class, Victorian Parlor Car, boasting of a mahogany bar, handcrafted inlaid wood, soft carpeting and velvety seats. This is the best option for groups to enjoy an intimate setting and beautiful scenery while riding the rails. Chairs can be arranged in multiple configurations around tables and aisles, making each trip in this car feel private, unique and special.

First Class Lounge Car

Made for the individual who loves the ultimate lounge experience, the First Class Lounge Car offers individual, stuffed chairs designed for ultimate comfort. The chairs can swivel 360 degrees, offering you the best range for viewing the pastoral countryside as it sweeps past the windows. Feel like you’re living in luxury from a time long gone, while enjoying the experience with a select group of fellow travelers.

Sip. Snack. Relax.

The iconic click-clack of the train wheels on track is best accompanied by the soft clink-clink of ice cubes against a cold glass holding a beverage of your choice. Our First-Class Attendants offer snacks and beverages to enhance your steam train experience. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Relax in our temperature-controlled environment. Our First Class Cars offer air conditioning in the warmer months, and coal stoves keep the cars toasty during colder seasons. (While air conditioning was not yet invented in the 1900s, it adds to your comfort while traveling, a philosophy the Victorians could approve of.)

Step into a living piece of history and enjoy travel like society’s elite did in the early 1900s as you journey to Paradise, PA and back.